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Dependable Quality and On Time Workmanship

Titan Waterproofing Incorporated is a licensed and insured residential and commercial waterproofing contractor. We have been waterproofing the Rocky Mountain area for the past seventeen years. We are trained in the newest techniques to prevent leaks, seepage, and any drainage issues. We spend countless hours researching and testing waterproofing and drainage products and materials to supply the best products and services for our customers. Often, we are called to repair other contractor or foundation company's mistakes. Our quality workmanship is on time at competitive prices.


Residential Home Dampproofing/ Waterproofing

The world of Dampproofing / Waterproofing has come a long way since the early years of just rolling on tar. Newer, bigger homes are being built, forcing the industry to "up" their standards to protect the owner's investments. We have the expertise to look at a foundation and diagnose potential problems, sloppy cement work, and special needs according to each individual floor plan and lot conditions. With our quick and easy application, most homes are completed and cured in just a matter of a few hours, keeping your job right on schedule.


Residential Home Foundation Crack and Leak Repair

A leak in a crack of the foundation wall of a home can be a nightmare. Cracks, leaks, and even sloppy cement work need not cause a homeowner stress; we have the right solution to fix the problem. Although we provide services to large companies and contractors, don't think we are too big for "small jobs": we know your problem is not small to you. Our prices are reasonable too, and our experienced professionals will ensure your foundation is sealed properly. Unlike do-it-yourself jobs, our work is guaranteed and our products are superior. Knowing your basement will be kept dry is a confidence we offer homeowners.


Commercial & Industrial Waterproofing and Drainage Needs

Commercially, we are on the cutting edge of the "green building" movement. Most of our products are chosen because they are less caustic on the environment, the contractors, and the resources. We especially enjoy the challenging commercial jobs: including elevator shafts, potable water tanks, and the occasional indoor waterfall. With our company, the most experienced contractor will always be on site for the correct application.


Versatile Services

Time means money to you.  We have a wide range of services which allow us to service all of your foundation needs.  With one stop at your job site, we can apply foundation waterproofing, drainage systems, and install window wells.  One stop and one provider means: saving time and money.

Titan Waterproofing Guarantees:
  • Highest quality products and warranties available in the market
  • Competitive pricing
  • Knowledgeable and experienced applicators
  • Flexible scheduling according to each individual project's needs

Titan Waterproofing Incorporated
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